The City does possess a leash law. All dogs and cats must be contained on a leash, in a pin, or indoors at all times. City tags are required for dogs and cats staying in the City for more than thirty days. If you acquire a new dog or cat, bring your rabies vaccination records to City Hall to obtain a City tag. Yearly tags are $20.00 for non-spayed/non-neutered dogs/cats and $10.00 for spayed/neutered dogs/cats. Residents are allowed to own no more than two dogs or two cats or one of each. Any more than two animals will required a Conditional Use Permit for a Kennel License. City tags expire May 31st of each year.


     ***Patrick Leming

     ***Christopher Petesch

The animal control phone number is for non-emergency calls only. In the case of a dog bite, patrons should call dispatch at (785) 863-2351 and request a law enforcement officer assist with the call.

Local Veterinarian:
     Oskaloosa Animal Clinic

Jefferson County Humane Society:
     Valley Falls Impound

What to do if you suspect your dog/cat has been picked up by City Animal Control...

  1. Contact the Human Society to verify they have your animal
  2. Contact City Hall to find out fees due
  3. Submit a copy of rabies vaccination to City Hall
  4. Obtain from City Hall a release form indicating all fees have been paid and animal is authorized for release
  5. Appear before municipal court if citations have been issued for your appearance