John Norman, Council President
Amy Robbins, Council
Vince Newman, Council (7:10pm)
Ken Newell, Council
Mike Smith, Council

Eric Hull, Mayor
Patty Hamm, City Clerk
Paul Bolinger, Chief of Police
Bill Heard, City Superintendent
Lee Hendricks, City Attorney

Rebecca Deese, 101 Liberty Street
Patricia Kreitzer, Oskaloosa PTO
Chelsea Heston, Oskaloosa OBA
Heather O'Neal, Oskaloosa OBA
JimBob Faris, 802 Union Street
Rick Nichols, Oskaloosa Independent (7:10pm)

John Norman, Council President, called the regular meeting of the Oskaloosa City Council to order at 7:00pm.

Code Enforcement: 101 Liberty Street
Rebecca Deese was present in response to a letter she received regarding the Code Enforcement issues at 101 Liberty Street. Ms. Deese stated a lot of items have been taken care of and she would like to know what is outstanding at this point. Council stated the Code Enforcement Officer would take a look at the property and get in touch with her so the matter can be finalized.

Portable Projection System
Members of the Oskaloosa Parent Teachers Association and the Oskaloosa Ball Association were present to show their support for the portable project system. The members stated they greatly support the project and are willing to help wherever needed. John Norman explained the project is currently in the discussion phase and told them their assistance in the ground work would be greatly appreciated. The members agreed to find out the details on renting a system and helping organize an event as a trial run.

Building Inspection
Paul Crawford was present at the request of the City Council to discuss the possibility of the City using his building inspection services. Mr. Crawford briefed the Council on his background experience. Lee Hendricks verified the City of Meriden, in which Mr. Crawford is the building inspector, has made great progressive strides and improvements in their zoning process since Mr. Crawford came on board. Ken Newell advised the City Council is looking for consistency. Council requested Mr. Crawford submit a price proposal for his services so the Council can review and discuss at the next City Council meeting.

Economic Development
JimBob Faris presented the City Council with a proposal on public relations and event promotions. Mr. Faris stated his plan is to 1) develop a city brand; 2) set up at least two City presented festivals; 3) explore alternative energy sources for City Hall and City Shop; 4) develop an Oskaloosa Pride Committee guided by the City Council; and 5) utilize social media and print media to better control the City's image. JimBob advised the cost for his services would be based on a monthly retainer. John Norman recommended Mr. Faris come up with a proposal of cost and bring it back to the Council for further review and consideration.

Paul Bolinger gave the police report for the month of January.
Patty Hamm reported Erica Patz has begun her services as animal control and code enforcement.

Bill Heard reported that four fire hydrants have been rebuilt and are functioning at complete capacity.

Bill Heard reported he has plans to replace the mulch at the park in the spring time before the end of the school year.
Bill Heard reported the lift station pump at the fire station has been rebuilt and this completes the pump project. Vince Newman recommended Bill talk to the Fire Chief to discuss the sharing of a generator in the event of a power outage.
Bill Heard reported it is time to start thinking about the street improvement project for the year. Bill will prepare a proposed plan for Council review.
John Norman recommended the City proceed with obtaining a cost estimate to have the inside of the north water tower inspected, even though the City is not ready to paint the outside of the tower. Bill Heard will get price estimates.
Bill Heard reported he has met with Kent King regarding the drainage issue of the new King's Construction building and also in regard to the cleaning of Sycamore Street.

Lee Hendricks asked Council how they would like to proceed with the Lightworks issue. Council recommended contacting the subcontractor, Lobb Electric, to see if they will provide any input into the change order.
Lee Hendricks reported the letter to Sunset Trailer Park regarding snow removal is for informational purposes only. No action taken.
John Norman made a motion to approve the settlement agreement and payment with Erva V. Robbins Trust as presented. Ken Newell asked if the agreement puts a final end to the issue. Lee Hendricks replied that they are in agreement with all terms and have signed the settlement agreement stating such. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried
Lee Hendricks reported there is no need, in his legal opinion, for a liability waiver for swimming lessons. Lee noted the only liability the City would have would be gross negligence.
Council reviewed and discussed options for the allowance of watering lawns during the summer months of June, July and August. Council agreed to a permit process with a cap on the use. Patty Hamm and Lee Hendricks will draft a permit and policy.
Vince Newman made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 12, 2017 Special Council meeting as written. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0, Abstain=1 (Amy Robbins) Motion Carried
Patty Hamm read a thank you card from Alana Kasparek regarding the flowers sent for the passing of her son, Christopher Kasparek.

Ken Newell made a motion to approve the Financial Statement and vouchers as presented. Amy Robbins seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried
Amy Robbins made a motion to approve the Mayor's appointment of Matt Driscoll and JimBob Faris to the Oskaloosa Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals. Mike Smith seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried
Ken Newell made a motion to adjourn to Executive Session for 15 minutes beginning at 8:25pm for Personnel Exception. Vince Newman seconded the motion. John Norman requested Patty Hamm and Lee Hendricks remain for discussion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried Public Session resumed at 8:40pm. John Norman announced no binding action taken.
Vince Newman made a motion to authorize John Norman and Amy Robbins to hire the Pool Manager as they see fit. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried

There being no further business to discuss, Ken Newell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45pm. Amy Robbins seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried.

Eric Hull, Mayor
Patty A. Hamm, City Clerk
Minutes Approved:                   MARCH 2, 2017           

FEBRUARY 2, 2017 * 7:00PM