AUGUST 3, 2017 * 7:00PM



Eric Hull, Mayor
John Norman, Council President
Amy Robbins, Council
Ken Newell, Council
Mike Smith, Council
Larry Fowler, Council

Patty Hamm, City Clerk
Bill Heard, City Superintendent

Rick Nichols, Oskaloosa Independent
Jeremy & Taylor Rockhold, 498 Columbia Street
Aaron Boyce, 506 Atchison Street
David Magill, 508 Topeka Street
Ed Hattemer, 603 Warren Street
Mike Boyd, 507 Atchison Street

Eric Hull, Mayor, called the regular meeting of the Oskaloosa City Council to order at 7:00pm.


ATV Legalization
A group of citizens were present to talk to the City Council about the legalization of riding ATVs, side-by-sides, golf carts, etc., on the City streets. Aaron Boyce pointed out that besides the citizens present, he also has a petition signed by 61 individuals residing both within the City limits and outside the City limits who are in favor of an approving ordinance. Taylor Rockhold noted that they are not interested in just riding around town but rather interested in being able to get to the ball fields, visiting friends, etc. Eric Hull advised there would need to be restrictions as with driving any motorized vehicle on the street such as registration, insurance, turn signals, valid driver's license, etc., and those violating the ordinance would be prosecuted in municipal court. Ken Newell stated the biggest issue in his opinion is to impose an age restriction to restrict kids from riding the vehicles around and creating safety concerns. Council discussed a permit process and the sometimes lack of law enforcement man power to regulate such ordinances. After further discussion Council agreed to forward the issue to legal counsel and to revisit the issue after those citizens present have had time to come up with a proposal for Council review.

City Hall Heating & Air Maintenance
Mike Boyd, upon the request of Mayor Eric Hull, submitted a proposal to maintain the heating and air conditioning system at City Hall. John Norman expressed his concern with the need to put the services out for bid. Ken Newell advised he is in favor of keeping business local when possible and there are, to his knowledge, no other heating and air conditioning contractors that are local in the City of Oskaloosa. Mike Boyd stated the service contract would be on a year-to-year basis. Ken Newell made a motion to accept the proposal as submitted at $1200 for a year's services. John Norman seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried Mike Boyd stated he would begin his services this Fall.

Paul Bolinger submitted cost estimates to the Council for three Motorola hand held radios in the amount of $6438.66 and for two car radios in the amount of $5303.50. John Norman made a motion to approve the purchase of the radios as submitted in the amount of $11,742.16 contingent upon no other funds available to the City by the Drug Enforcement Task Force. Mike Smith seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried

Patty Hamm reported the Animal Control Officer/Code Enforcement Officer will not be back from maternity leave until after the Labor Day holiday. John Norman and Amy Robbins agreed to fill in for Code Enforcement until that time.

Bill Heard reported he and Nathaniel Copp attended class to renew their water certification.

Council discussed with Bill Heard the project of moving water meters from the basements of businesses to the outside through the back of the businesses into the alley. Bill Heard reported there are seven connections that would need to be moved to the outside. Amy Robbins made a motion to have legal counsel prepare an agreement for the two meters located at 301 Jefferson Street and 303 Jefferson Street. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried

Ken Newell made a motion to hire Brian Zachary as permanent part-time maintenance staff at twenty-five (25) hours per week. Mike Smith seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried

Bill Heard reported the Department of Labor will be out to do a safety inspection on Tuesday.

Bill Heard reported the paving project is complete with the exception of a few touch-up locations. Bill stated he will be purchasing some parking blocks for the swimming pool parking lot and the parking lot on the east side of City Hall.

Bill Heard reported fixing three water leaks.

John Norman reported the swimming pool will close on Sunday, August 13th.

LEGAL:  None

Bill Heard reported the lights are all in working order at the swimming pool and the lights at the ball park are scheduled to be fixed next.

Bill Heard reported the cameras at the park are still pending and locations need to be determined. Bill noted there are some trees that will need to be trimmed.

John Norman made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 6, 2017 regular Council meeting as written. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0, Abstain=1 (Amy Robbins) Motion Carried

Eric Hull directed the Council's attention to the changes in the calling of an Executive Session.

John Norman made a motion to approve the July financial statement and vouchers as submitted. Amy Robbins seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried

Patty Hamm reported that Jim Schonherr has cleaned up his tow lot and did not attend the planning commission meeting as expected.


There being no further business to discuss, John Norman made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00pm. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=5, No=0 Motion Carried.

Eric Hull, Mayor

Patty A. Hamm, City Clerk

Minutes Approved:                    SEPTEMBER 7, 2017