John Norman, Council President
Amy Robbins, Council
Vince Newman, Council (7:10pm)
Ken Newell, Council
Mike Smith, Council

Eric Hull, Mayor
Patty Hamm, City Clerk
Paul Bolinger, Chief of Police
Bill Heard, City Superintendent
Lee Hendricks, City Attorney


Debra Gillespie, Kansas Correctional Industries

Leanne Chapman, Easter Egg Hunt
Rick Dodson, Lyons Club
Jim Faris, Public Relations & Event Promotions

Rick Nichols, Oskaloosa Independent


Eric Hull, Mayor, called the regular meeting of the Oskaloosa City Council to order at 7:00pm.


Trash Containers
Debra Gillespie returned to the Council meeting to display the trash containers that the City is interested in. Ms. Gillespie submitted a price quote for the current container in stock and the custom build of nine more containers for a total of $4110. Ken Newell made a motion to accept the price quote in the amount of $4100 for ten trash receptacles as presented. Mike Smith seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Easter Egg Hunt
Leanne Chapman gave an update report on the Easter Egg Hun. Ms. Chapman stated she has all of the eggs and prizes in place and is just in need of volunteers to help fill the eggs. The Easter Egg Hunt will take place on Saturday, April 15th at 10:00am at Old Jefferson Town.

Lyons Club
Rick Dodson spoke to the City Council about his efforts to help the Oskaloosa Lyons Club become active once again. Mr. Dodson explained the services that are offered through the Lyons Club and his desire to grow the club so that it is a viable organization in the City. Mr. Dodson noted the biggest issue is getting volunteers to join the group. The City Council thanked Mr. Dodson and those members who have remained part of the group for their efforts.

Public Relations & Event Promotions
Jim Faris asked the City Council if they had put any more thought into using his services. Ken Newell responded the City currently does not have any projects that would need his services but will keep him in mind for future projects. John Norman also noted that the City has not included such things in this year's budget either but will take it into consideration when working on the 2018 budget.

John Norman reported he has received a complaint regarding two homeowners at the east end of Park Street taking their dogs over to the park and pool area to go to the bathroom. John requested letters be sent by Animal Control to the owners.


Street Improvement Project
Bill Heard presented the Council with a proposal of street work from Hamm Asphalt Inc. in the amount of $84,837. Bill discussed with Council the proposed streets to be included in the project. After review, Council members agreed to remove east Warren Street from this year's project and instead do the ditch work to prepare for asphalt next year. Bill advised the removal of Warren Street will change the Hamm Asphalt proposal slightly. Council members instructed Bill to advise the adjoining property owners of the work that is to being planned for Warren Street as fencing will need to be moved, etc. In order to keep the street project moving along and to not delay the work, Council took action as follows. John Norman made a motion to authorize up to $100,000 for the 2017 street improvement project as proposed by the Street Superintendent and the Mayor so designated as needing repair and to authorize the Mayor's signature on the final cost proposal from Hamm Asphalt, Inc. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Water Tower Project
Bill Heard presented the Council with the proposal from Central Tank Coatings, Inc. in the amount of $71,000 for exterior work and $2250 for interior work to the north water tower. John Norman made a motion to accept the proposal as submitted. Amy Robbins seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Bill Heard reported the mulch for the playground will be delivered on Monday. The cost for the mulch is approximately $2700.

Bill Heard reported he had to change the locks on the park concession stand because the Oskaloosa Ball Association had already changed the locks and failed to provide Bill with a key as requested. Bill noted the Association can contact Patty Hamm for a key for their use.  Eric Hull advised there were some improvements to be made by the Oskaloosa Ball Association to both the concession stand and the storage shed, however, the work was not done as submitted and therefore, payment is being withheld until the work is complete and correct.

Bill Heard reported he and his staff are beginning to work at the swimming pool in preparation for this summer season.

Patty Hamm reported the Oskaloosa PTO has requested ten day passes as a door prize for their annual carnival. Council agreed to provide the passes as requested.


Golf Carts
Lee Hendricks distributed copies of a sample ordinance and definitions/descriptions of unconventional vehicles for Council members to review. The City Council tabled any discussion until the Chief of Police could be present to participate in discussion.

Foreclosure Property
Lee Hendricks reported the owners of 306 Union Street and 312 Union Street have paid the back taxes in the amount of $23,826.50 on the two properties, therefore, voiding the foreclosure process.

Amy Robbins made a motion to approve Resolution No. 17-01 the closing of the streets for the Old Settler's Reunion June 22-24, 2017. John Norman seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Amy Robbins made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 2, 2017 regular Council meeting as written. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried


KDHE Dump Site
Council members reviewed a letter from the Kansas Department of Health & Environment regarding their visit to the two old dump site locations. The letter advised no action necessary and the sites will be visited again in the calendar year 2022.

Biking Across Kansas
Council members reviewed a letter from Biking Across Kansas advising they will be coming through the City of Oskaloosa on June 16, 2017. Oskaloosa is planned to be a food stop for approximately 850 people.

Amy Robbins made a motion to approve the March financial statement and vouchers as presented. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

John Norman made a motion to accept the audit agreements for the City of Oskaloosa and for the Oskaloosa Public Library as presented for the 2016 annual audit by ATC Accounting. Amy Robbins seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Patty Hamm asked for clarification of the roles of the Zoning Administrator and the Building Inspector. Council members agreed it is not necessary to have two separate positions and they will proceed with the building inspector conducting both roles.

Eric Hull reported receipt of a complaint regarding employees of the nursing home parking in the yards of neighbors on the west side of Delaware Street. Lee Hendricks stated a letter was sent from the City Clerk to Hickory Pointe Care Center reminding them of the conditional use permit in which employees are to park in the designated off-street parking spots and also addressing the issue of trash being left behind. Council discussed making the west side of the street in the 700 block of Delaware Street a no parking area. Legal Counsel will draft an ordinance.

 John Norman made a motion to approve the renewal of the general liability insurance through Bolz Insurance in the amount of $22,820 for the 2017 policy year. Mike Smith seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Eric Hull made a motion to appoint Greg Barnard to the Oskaloosa Library Board to fulfill the term of Pam King. Ken Newell made a motion to accept the Mayor's appointment. John Norman seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried

Mike Smith reported he has been given knowledge of the Habitat for Humanity organization now offering their services to Jefferson County. Mike noted this is another resource for the City should the need arise.

There being no further business to discuss, John Norman made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05pm. Ken Newell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes=4, No=0 Motion Carried.

Eric Hull, Mayor

Patty A. Hamm, City Clerk

Minutes Approved:                   MAY 4, 2017                

APRIL 6, 2017 * 7:00PM